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Watch Steel Panther Singer's Spot-On Ozzy Impression During 'Crazy Train'

Steel Panther's 11 song set at France's Hellfest this past weekend included a cover of one of the most iconic heavy metal songs of the '80s, Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train."

But Steel Panther's performance was more than just a note-perfect cover, singer Michael Starr took it upon himself to inhabit the beloved character that is the Prince of Darkness.

As the band played the song's intro, Starr returned to the stage wearing circular-framed Ozzy-style sunglasses, being led to the microphone by a pair of roadies. Beyond delivering an extremely credible impression of Ozzy's vocals, the frontman mimics Ozzy's goofy smile, his bowed posture, his perpetual clapping and his familiar shouts of "God bless you all" and "Let's get crazy."

To cap the performance off, Starr's bites the head off an Ozzy Plush Bat Toy. (Ozzy released the plush bats in 2019 to mark the anniversary of his infamous bat-biting incident in Des Moines.)

Watch the cover via the player above!

Compare it to one of Ozzy's own "Crazy Train" performances via the player embedded below!

Hellfest Open Air Festival Part 1

Photo: Redferns

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