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Wolf Van Halen Calls Out 'Painfully Fake' Van Halen Shirt For Rumored Tour

Photo: Getty Images North America

Wolfgang Van Halen took to Twitter Tuesday to drag a counterfeit Van Halen tour shirt, created for a tour that never occurred.

The design in question surfaced last year shortly after Wolfie revealed in an interview that he and his late-father Eddie Van Halen had contemplated a 'kitchen sink' tour circa 2019, wherein Van Halen would tour with current and former members, including David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony. Wolfie's band Mammoth WVH would have opened each show.

The tour would certainly have been legendary if it ever moved forward. Unfortunately, Eddie's health prevented plans from being advanced.

Montreal radio personality Jeremy White on Monday shared photos of the front and back of the purported 'Van Halen 2019 Stadium Tour' shirt, writing that it was "supposedly" the shirt for the 'Kitchen Sink Tour,' Wolfie had previously described.

"I was told that only a few venues had approval to print some shirts & this would have been in Chicago at Wrigley Field on 07/04/2019," White wrote. "Wow!"

Wolfie replied a day later: "Don't believe everything you read on the internet, because that shirt is complete horseshit. Whoever made that is a weird f---ing person. Just... why."

"It even looks stupid," he added. "Just such a poorly designed shirt. Also we didn't even have a final official design for the Mammoth logo at the time, so yeah."

He then pointed out that he's seen the design appeared right after he made headlines by discussing the idea he and his dad had discussed for the tour.

"What an incredible coincidence that this picture surfaced right after my Howard Stern interview a year ago where I talked about the kitchen sink tour for the first time."

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