The Best Pie Shop In South Carolina

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Who doesn't love digging in to a slice of pie at the end of a meal, celebrating a holiday, or simply for no other reason than to treat yourself to something sweet? Apple, pumpkin, cherry, key lime, strawberry rhubarb — the list truly goes on and on. Whichever flavor you prefer, there are plenty of shops and bakeries around South Carolina dishing out their take on the popular dessert.

24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of the best pie shop in each state, with a list of businesses serving up not just the classics that we all know and love but some that craft unique flavor combos that will please any adventurous sweet-tooth.

According to the list, the best pie shop in all of South Carolina is Sugar Bakeshop in Charleston. Located at 59 1/2 Cannon Street, this beloved bakery serves not just pies but an abundance of sweet treats, including cupcakes, cookies, cakes, brownies, cinnamon buns and more. 24/7 Wall St. suggests ordering the Coconut Cream pie.

Here's how the site determined its list:

"To determine the best pie shops in every state, 24/7 Tempo consulted reviews and rankings on a wide range of websites, including Yelp, Taste of Home, Thrillist, Food Network, Spoon University, and The Daily Meal, as well as numerous local and regional sites. While precedence was given to shops specializing in pies (often with 'pie' in their name), in some cases we included bakeries with a more general focus (sometimes with cafes attached) if they were highly rated for their pies."

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