Popular South Carolina Restaurant Serves The Best BBQ Ribs In The State

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The South is known for many things, including its style of barbecue which varies depending on the region. From tangy Memphis- and Carolina-style barbecue to the smoky flavor of Texas-style dishes, you're never too far from a great barbecue joint.

LoveFood looked at reviews, awards and personal experience to find the best spots around the U.S. to find BBQ ribs, compiling a list of the top restaurant in each state for the smoky barbecue classic.

So which restaurant has the best BBQ ribs in South Carolina?

Railroad BBQ

This popular Columbia favorite aims to be "the best darn BBQ on both sids of the tracks" and welcomes all to try great food in a place that "celebrates ... South Carolina's unique place in history," according to its website. The restaurant has a Google rating of 4.8 stars and nearly 500 reviews. Railroad BBQ is located at 2001 Hampton Street in Columbia.

Here's what LoveFood had to say:

"A cool spot with memorabilia-covered walls donated from a local person's collection, Railroad BBQ gives customers a look into South Carolina's Black history. It also serves some of the meatiest, smokiest St. Louis ribs in the stat. Order 'The Porter' for a full rack and two sides. You'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly it all comes to the table."

Check out the full list at LoveFood to see more of the best spots for BBQ ribs in the country.

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