Mickey Guyton Gets Animated For 'Mickey Mouse Funhouse'

Photo: Getty Images

Mickey Guyton will soon be joining the Mickey Mouse Funhouse on October 15 as the voice of Wanda Warbler, a country-western singer. Taking to Instagram to share the news (and a snapshot of Warbler petting Pluto), Guyton expressed her excitement over the achievement.

"I literally cannot," her caption said. "How incredible is this?! Being a part of Mickey Mouse Funhouse is a dream come true! I am so excited to be the voice of Wanda Warbler, a country western singer in a brand new episode of the show. Tune in Friday, October 15th on @dinsneychannel and @disneynow."

Guyton's character becomes an animated version of herself, fit with high cheekbones and a glowing smile. Dressed in a yellow and orange outfit completed with musical notes on her cowboy boots and a wide-brimmed hat, Wanda Warbler is sure will be sure to captivate her audience.

Guyton's debut album, Remember Her Name, is slated for release on Friday (September 24). The record will see Guyton closing the chapter of her ten years in Nashville, with the country singer having recently relocated to live in Los Angeles full time.

The "Black Like Me" singer has also been open about her struggles in the country music industry, sharing that she did not find success until she stopped running "away from my Blackness." Guyton revealed that her husband was the one to point out that she needed to sing about her own experiences in order to achieve the career she always dreamed of. After finding success in the industry, Guyton has been utilizing her platform to help uplift other Black country artists in order to continue breaking down barriers.

Guyton has also been nominated for a Country Music Association Award for New Artist of the Year, with the CMA Awards scheduled to take place on Wednesday, November 10.

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