Why You Should Never Put On Self-Tanner Before You Work Out

If you think applying a fake tan before you work out is a good idea, learn from the mistake made by a woman named Eve. 

Eve put on some bronzer then popped on some leggings and went to the gym. When she got home, she realized just how she messed up, and she posted a photo of her fail to Twitter to warn others.  


It seems the lettering on her pants soaked up the lotion, leaving her with "ADIDAS" written on her leg. 


She's not the only one to have this happen either. 


Not surprisingly, Adidas caught wind about the issue and didn't seem too upset about it:


It's probably best to put on your fake tan a little before you shower to make sure it won't come off on your clothes, or worse, come off of your skin. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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