Classic Horror Film Showings at the Citadel Mall

Audience enjoying movie at the cinema

Audience enjoying movie at the cinema

The Citadel Mall Stadium 16 is hosting Retro Horror throughout the month of October. For just $5 a ticket, you can watch classic horror films again in theaters. Even though these films can be easily accessed from home with today's streaming services, the idea is that horror films, especially these classics, are better experienced a group setting. Share laughs, screams, and fear with other movie-goers at the Citadel Mall. Grab a friend to squeeze their hand throughout the movie, split a bucket of popcorn, and enjoy these horror films at the theaters - just like old times 📽️

The Thing (1982)

📅October 4th - 10th

Friday the 13th (1980)

📅October 11th - 17th

Jaws (1975)

📅October 18th - 24th

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

📅October 25th - 31st

📷 Photo: Getty Images

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