You spend the latter half of your teens waiting for your 21st birthday, or your friends birthday who is a year older than you because they flunked their first time through their Junior year.  Once alcohol enters the picture, your memories will now be clouded by the fermented elixir and you'll have to count on your friends to tell you what happened, if they can even remember.  Some newbies end up in the emergency room due to drinking too much but if you're lucky you'll just have a run of bad episodes that left you passed out on the bathroom floor after puking your guts out.  This was pretty much my story.  I drank to get drunk and couldn't handle the after effects.  


Years later, I realized where I went wrong.  I simply drank too much.  That woman that always has a few too many at the office party and someone has to drive her home or call her a cab? She drank too much.  The manager that you held on a pedestal until that concert you all decided to attend with a group from work and you had to help walk him to the show because he had way more than he needed to at the bar before. He drank too much too.  Most drinking stories involve someone drinking too much, but the question is, how much is too much?


Recently, I decided to give drinking another go.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't responsible enough the first go round, and as for role models, there aren't any for me to look up to, so I decided, what IF I could be that role model?  What if there was someone out there who could actually have a drink and a half and say..."I've had enough, thank you.  How much is that?"  Yes, I think I could be that person who goes home, mixes up an evening concoction and kicks back to enjoy a moment well earned.  My first run at Mojito Monday was quite pleasant.  No hangover, no puking, just a lovely afternoon with my husband imbibing in an adult fashion.  Its amazing what a few years on you and a little observation of others behavior can do for you.


 Responsible drinking, let's start a movement!