From TMZ:

That wasn't just some staged bit when a pizza delivery guy appeared on the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

The guy who delivered those pizzas to host Ellen DeGeneres and celebs including Jared Leto, Meryl Steep and Julia Roberts works at a Big Mama's and Papa's Pizza and he was cheered by his co-workers when he returned back to the restaurant.

Due to security concerns, he wasn't allowed to drive his own car to the Oscars. Producers had him picked up a black SUV and a woman in the SUV took even more pizzas back to the show.

Unfortunately, it didn't appear that the delivery guy was going to get the around $300 worth of tip money that Ellen collected from movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Brad Pitt and others in a hat that looked just like Pharrell's.

Although he seemed embarrassed by all the commotion, we're guessing the world's new most famous pizza delivery guy received a large tip one way or another.