A Bank Robber Is Busted Because She's Too Out-of-Shape to Run Away


She was so out-of-shape that she ended up COLLAPSING a few blocks away, and needed medical attention !






A Guy on Acid Accidentally Shoots a Pizzeria Because It's Closed and He Wanted Pizza . . . Except It Was Actually Open



He forgot to wear clothes, though . . . he just had a towel wrapped around his waist.But he DIDN'T forget his gun . . . he had his .40-caliber semi-automatic on him. He also didn't forget his KIDS . . . his three-year-old, four-year-old, and six-year-old were in the car with him.







A 53-Year-Old Woman Is Arrested For Walking Her Male Sex Slave Down the Street With a Leash



According to the police report, the woman who called told the cops the guy's feet and ankles were bound, he was walking on all fours, and quote, "he had an unidentified object" sticking out of his most naughty place.






A Drunk Woman Crashes a Car, and Gives the Cops Her Mom's Name . . . But Gets Her Age Wrong



And this isn't the first time we've heard of Daniella OR her mother.Last August, they were BOTH arrested for running an escort service out of their house. They claimed they were just giving guys mother-daughter lap dances though.