A Mexican Drug Lord Was Arrested After He Bought a World Cup Ticket Under His Own Name



He's one of the most-wanted drug traffickers in the U.S., so he'll be extradited from Brazil to face charges here.A former DEA agent named Mike Vigil says they're always on the lookout for drug lords during the World Cup, because they're such big soccer fanatics, they can't resist going to the games.







A Guy Tries to Throw a Football Stuffed With Drugs Into Prison . . . But Gets Busted Because of His Weak Throwing Arm



His throw had to clear two fences . . . and only cleared the first one.The guards grabbed the football, popped out all the drugs . . . and had an officer arrest Christen.







A Topless Model Missed Her Probation Meetings . . . Because She Was Getting a Boob Job



And she explained to the judge that it was because she was in Belgium getting her breasts enlarged to a 32H.The judge actually bought it and let her off with a warning.







A Guy Thought it Was Legal to Pleasure Himself at Walmart . . . As Long As No One Could See Him



Plenty of people saw him without him realizing it, and the security cameras captured him as well.When he finished up, he left the store . . . and the cops were waiting there to arrest him.







An 85-Year-Old Man Is Arrested For Stalking an 80-Year-Old Woman



He met her because she was sharing a hospital room with his WIFE while she was DYING.So after his wife died, he started stalking her roommate.