Ok, WHAT do I have to do to look like THAT???

August 20, 2013/Photo: Splash News
Italian Showgirl Laura Cremaschi in a teeny, weeny gold bikini in Miami Beach, FL.

Like, seriously...what do I have to do? I've been trying to look like this all summer and now the summer is almost over and I still don't even come close to looking like Laura Cremaschi! I've heard about some of these crazy diets, like the "master cleanse" diet, where all you can drink for a week is some sort of lemonade, cayenne paper and maple syrup concoction. Sounds like absolute misery to me. There's also this Paleo diet that seems to be the new "it diet", where you eat like a caveman - meaning lots of meat and veggies but zero sugars or carbs. Also sounds awful.

Share a good diet with me (or some sort of crazy secret that allows you to be skinny forever...) What do you prefer - crash diets or lifestyle diets? Which ones have worked for you and which diets will you NEVER try again? Click COMMENTS below to leave a comment:


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