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Roger Waters is working on a new album. 

The upcoming project is the former Pink Floyd frontman's first collection of rock music in more than 20 years.  

He tells "Rolling Stone" it's "couched as a radio play," with "characters who speak to each other."  Waters describes the story as "a quest," explaining that it's "about an old man and a young child trying to figure out why they are killing the children." 

He doesn't offer a release date for the disc, and says he might not hit the road behind it.  Waters just finished his "The Wall" tour in September.  The global trek included 219 performances over three years. 

A new studio rock album would be Waters' first since 1992's Amused to Death.  Since then he's released the concert disc In the Flesh - Live and the compilation Flickering Flame: The Solo Years Volume 1 as well as the 2005 opera Ça Ira.  He's also released a few singles, including 2004's "To Kill the Child." 

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