Join Q1045 for this special night of entertainment with two very funny comedians- as heard on the Bob & Tom show! Purchase tickets now before they're sold out and we'll see you at Moonshine Saloon in Summverville on Saturday June 29, 2013 at 7:30pm. 

Read more below about the event and the entertainment and we'll see you there!
Tickets are NOW ONSALE >> Click here to purchase and print on demand or stop by the Moonshine Saloon in Summerville to purchase. 

Costaki Economopoulos

Presenting: Bob And Tom Comedians for your entertainment! One night only!

Costaki Economopoulos is the biggest name in comedy – literally! Costaki's weekly feautre on the Bob & Tom Show has been picked up by The Huffington Post and Bleacher Report. With his Greek heritage, it's not surprising that he's been described as a “joke philosopher,” and we're sure he's not the only one saying that. His jokes have appeared on The Late Show, The Tonight Show and Best Damn Sports Show Period. He’s also been described as sharp, insightful, socially relevant and down-right funny!

Greg Hahn

When Greg Hahn takes the stage, he does so with an energetic, all-out style of physical humor, one-liners and crowd work like you've never seen before. And once he lets loose, there's no stopping him because Hahn doesn't have time for laughs, he's out to create immediate pandemonium and panic. Hahn can wear an audience out with his rapid-fire jokes and leave them holding their sides, trying to catch their breath. 

Tickets are NOW ONSALE >> Click here to purchase and print on demand or stop by the Moonshine Saloon in Summerville to purchase.

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