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Charleston police still need your help in solving the shooting death of a man in West Ashley. Tuesday morning, officers found 18-year-old Malcolm Jefferson, who had been shot, on Forbes Avenue. Jefferson was transported to a local hospital where he later died.

"It's a terrible thing that happened. I don't know the young man. I don't know if he was involved or not or was just an innocent bystander. Either way it's just a terrible thing," community member Aaron Richardson said.

Neighbors in the Maryville community of West Ashley say they were in shock about the murder and now they are ready to shine a light on crime in their community and take it back.

"Knowing most of the people in the neighborhood that I grew up with... they don't want this and they have a good idea of where this is coming from and we just need to focus on how we can get rid of it," Richardson said.

"When I grew up in this neighborhood... You know the old cliche, you can leave your doors unlocked.You can't do that now. Double locks, security systems... some people have got cameras. It's a shame," he continued.

Neighbors say they can no longer sit back in silence as Maryville moves in a direction of mayhem.

"Over the years it has gone down because of the outside influence. People have moved here that have a criminal background or have at least grown up in that kind of environment and now they are moving here," Richardson said.

Concerned community members will meet Saturday morning at 10:00 AM at Emmanuel AME Church located at 1057 5th Avenue in West Ashley.

"If you want the crime to stop, please come to the meeting. Let's see what we can do to get the drug dealers and the criminal element out of here. There will be some representatives from the police department," Richardson said.

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