The Charleston City Fire Department planned a ceremony Tuesday to honor the Charleston 9. Starting at midnight, firefighters stand on the former Sofa Super Store site that is now a memorial.

The Charleston Fire Department Chief Karen Brack says since the deadly incident, the department created a stronger training program, developed better on scene operating procedures, larger response teams, bought better equipment and gear.

The chief say this year the department gets three new engines, a new aerial truck, and a new hazmat rig. She says her biggest commitments are to fire prevention though the Fire Marshall department, community education and code enforcement, as well as the departments training division.

Tuesday, a group of firefighters wrapped up their smoke diver training class on the memorial site by repeating 21 exercises nine times.

The ceremony for the Charleston 9 will begin at 7 p.m. and will include a lineup of department personnel, the reading of the nine names and ringing of the bell, followed by bagpipes.

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation recently released a video called "Charleston 9: The Ultimate Sacrifice." The documentary focused on the recovery of the Fire Department after the incident.