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A new reality TV series begins Monday and it's already receiving harsh criticism here in the Lowcountry for featuring a cast of elite Charlestonians, including former State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel.

 The Bravo TV show is called "Southern Charm." It illustrates a life of luxury in Charleston that few actually live. Therefore, many say it's looking at the Holy City through a not so charming lens.

 "They're going to turn this blossoming city into somewhere that's trashy. Just like what they did to Jersey Shore, they're going to do to Charleston," Jaymie Baggerly said.

 Cameran Eubanks, a second time reality star after MTV's Real World, now defends "Southern Charm."

 "People are obviously going to say horrible things, I've read horrible things about myself," she said. "You know the show is marketed as being an elite group of people in Charleston and that's not the case at all, that's television, that's Bravo, that's what's going to draw ratings."

 In a News 2 interview with Eubanks and Craig Conover the two talked about what they've watched of the series so far, which is only the first episode.

Conover is a Delaware native but lives in the Lowcountry to attend the Charleston School of Law.

 "I was much more comfortable though, because obviously I was worried about what my parents were going to think like I didn't want them to be upset or embarrassed or anything but I think after seeing the first episode and everything, everything at least for a few of the characters will be fine," said Conover.

"Southern Charm" airs Monday on Bravo at 10 p.m.

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