From the Associated Press:

Four sea turtles are back in the open ocean after being restored to health with help from the South Carolina Aquarium.

The Herald of Rock Hill reports that the turtles were released at the South Carolina coast Saturday as a crowd of well-wishers cheered them on.

The aquarium's sea turtle rescue program admits 20 to 30 sea turtles each year. It has rehabilitated and released nearly 130 sea turtles and is now treating 11 patients, staying an average of nine months.

The turtles released Saturday include a 70-pound juvenile loggerhead found by canoers stranded on a sandbar near Fripp Island in June.

Another was a 9-pound juvenile Kemp's ridley sea turtle, the most endangered species that was found stunned by cold near Cape Cod, Mass.

Photo Credit: Dave Allen Photography/Shutterstock

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