From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

There was a lot of social media hype about a block party prior to it turning violent Saturday, with a few tweets foreshadowing what really happened.

 "I really wanna show face at the block party, but I don't wanna lose my life man," one twitter user posted.

 That was re-tweeted by Ariel Morgan, the only one dead out of five people shot Saturday.

 "[Shout out] to this block party for being down the street from my house," Morgan wrote.

 Now others reply, "I wish it never was."

 At a vigil Saturday, a friend of Morgan's spoke only with News 2.

 "Be cautious of where you go. Think twice before you make decisions. If you don't know the place you're going, don't go. If you don't know who's throwing the party or anything, don't go," Johnnie Lynch said.

 According to one of Morgan's tweets, she knew the threat was out there and wrote "Charleston Most Ratchets please stay... home, some of us want our [lives] and just want to have a good & safe time. Thank you."

 The reason any of them still chose to attend the party is just as unknown as who did this, deputies haven't given any details on what they know or who the gunman could be, but this time they have our attention.

Photo Credit: zimmytws Shutterstock