From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

South Carolina's Department of Social Services says it does not know when a child support enforcement computer system will be up and running, now that it has fired the company that was building it.

The system is required by federal law and was supposed to be finished in 1997, but the state has gone through three companies and doesn't have a working system. Because it's missed the federal deadline, the state has been fined more than $104 million. South Carolina is the only state that doesn't have a working system.

A division of Hewlett Packard was working on it, but the state recently fired the company, saying it had missed major deadlines. A spokesman for HP says the company was meeting important milestones and it's the state's mismanagement that has delayed the system.

DSS spokesperson Marilyn Matheus says, "The Department of Social Services is currently assessing the system to determine how long it will take to fix and finish the application."

Photo Credit: Sean Pavone Photo/Shutterstock