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Rommy Pyatt has called Sandy Island home his entire life, but now a new man-made threat is fast approaching.

 "We have boaters that are coming right on through without paying any mind to the posted, no wake zone sign," Pyatt explained.

 Pyatt took cell phone video on Memorial Day Weekend showing dozens of vessels zooming through the No Wake Zone.

 "These are weekenders, I guess tourists that have their water vessels out there. Out there for pleasure," Pyatt said.

 "Our boats are not brand new boats that we have. Because we can not afford to buy brand new boats on the constant every time they come by and destroy our property," Pyatt said.

 "I've been out there standing on the dock several times waving them down and telling them to slow down and they just look at as if I am no one and just keep right on going," he said.

 It has become more than an inconvenience. They say the problem has become dangerous.

 "The boat and the dock is unstable and people have actually gone out and have fallen overboard," Pyatt said.

 "Is it worth someone losing their life because you are not slowing down," he continued.

 Residents say they aren't afraid of making waves socially to stop the waves that are threatening their lives.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.