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MUSC doctors have a warning for you tonight they are trying to prevent the spread of any mosquito borne illness.

This after DHEC is reporting that there has been three cases of a mosquito borne illness called, Chikungunya virus in the state of South Carolina.

So far this year, West Nile Virus hasn’t struck South Carolina, but last year, DHEC officials say there were 6 cases of West Nile, 1 Encephalitis cases, 9 cases of Dengue Fever, and 10 cases of Malaria, many of those cases imported from other areas.

Experts say the most effective solution for mosquito control: removing the water source. Anything like dog bowls, kiddie pools, plant pots can hold water which is a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Charleston County mosquito control crews out Monday after recent rains have plenty of standing water.

Doctors at MUSC say they see a handful of cases of mosquito born illnesses in the Low Country.

Dr. Keith Borg, MUSC E/R, “They are difficult to detect, they present as fevers, muscle aches, joint pain and usually people get over them and there are probably a lot more infections than we know about.”

The CDC says in recent years there has been a rise in mosquito borne illness….

The EPA is changing labeling on mosquito spray similar to how you apply sunscreen to remind people to reapply when appropriate. Officials there telling me consumers will start to see the new labels as early as next year.

Experts say if you are going outside, you should first put on your sunscreen, after that put on a layer of bug spray and make sure it contains Picaridin or DEET.

Officials have some mosquito bite prevention tips for you, they say to staying indoors at dawn, dusk and early evening can help prevent bites, always wear long sleeve shirts and long pants outdoors, avoid wearing perfume and other scented products, apply insect repellent to exposed skin… always apply according to the label, use screens on open windows.

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