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A visit to Burger King went horribly wrong for one Reddit user, whose post about a snotty kid and Burger King pies has gone viral.

In the post, Reddit user "thr111" asked readers "Am I a bad person for this?" and went on to describe the encounter, which happened in Montreal, Canada in 2012.

"So, a while ago, I had decided to treat myself and go to Burger King" the post begins.

Thr111 was standing at the end of a very long line when a woman on her cell phone and a little "monster of a child" got in line. The boy was out of control, screaming and punching his mother and continued to yell at her that he wanted a pie.

"After about 5 minutes of the line with these people behind me, I had gone from a headache to a full on migraine, but nothing was going to stop me from getting those burgers. I calmly turn and ask her nicely if she can please calm or quiet her child down," thr111 said in the post.

The woman replied that thr111 could not tell her anything about raising her child and to "mind my own business."

Thr111 eventually made it to the front of the line.

"All I can think of is how the people behind me ruined my splurge and gave me this headache. I then decide to ruin their day. I order every pie they have left in addition to my burgers. Turned out to be 23 pies in total, I take my order and walk towards the exit," said thr111 in the post.

Moments later, the woman yelled, "What do you mean you do not have any pies left? Who bought them all?"

The cashier pointed to thr111, who slowly walked away.

The Reddit post had received more than 2,000 comments as of Thursday morning. Many responses were in support of what thr111 did. Some readers asked thr111 to marry them, and at least one reader mentioned that there was a similar scene in an episode of NBC's 30 Rock.

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