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According to local law enforcement some night clubs in the lowcountry can sometimes be a very dangerous place to spend time and judging by the number police calls to different bars, it's questioned why some are allowed to stay open at all.

But it's not easy for local law enforcement to shut down a bar even when some of the most serious of crimes are alleged to have happened.

The Dorchester County Sheriff's Office is keeping a close eye on a few establishments where deputies are asked to respond to calls more often. It was on March 9th Deputies responded to Club Rehab on Dorchester Road after alleged gunplay involving security. Investigators claim one man was shot in the parking lot after bar security told him to drop a gun.

County Sheriff L.C. Knight says the incident is still being investigated.

 "We don't know who started the actual shooting but when we got there most of the crowd in the parking lot was gone. The security guards gave their side but at this point in time the other shooters, we don't who they were."

There are more incidents, after some checking News 2 found that Club Rehab has been included in 59 incident reports since October of 2010. Some include seemingly benign calls like trespassing or vandalism.

But more serious crimes are alleged, police documents show response calls for allegations of rape, pointing weapons, attempted murder, armed robbery and assault. Sheriff Knight says there are issues that are sometimes out of the owners control but he adds it may be becoming an issue of public safety.

 "We could have somebody standing across the street at a gas station and get shot. So we have to make a decision on whether this club can continue operating or we have to do something about it."

If there are concerns about an establishment and officials feel there is a danger—why can't they just shut it down? There are rules to pulling a liquor license and shutting down a business.

"We get with SLED we get the department of revenue we get with business licensing -we first talk to the owner to get the things corrected if they can't we have to what we have to do." said Sheriff Knight

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