From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

On Monday construction crews began a multi-million dollar project at the Charleston Battery.

Following an in depth study of the battery, engineers determined the original structure was deteriorating. The seawall was originally built from wood pilings that are damaged by terminates and time.

The first phase of the Battery Repair and Reconstruction Project involves the reconstruction of "the turn".  That's where the High Battery connects to the Low Battery.  During this phase, crews will replace the wood pilings, secure the structure, and replace stairs with a wheel-chair and stroller ramp.  

Crews will install signage, barricades and fences Monday. After the work zone is established, there will be prep work done before actual construction begins. Crews will begin putting in the cofferdam and start removing the existing seawall November 27th. It is said the first phase costs $3.2 million.

"The first phase of the Battery Reconstruction Project is a very important and complex project. This area of the seawall was originally built in 1919 on wood pilings and has a wooden deck, which over the years, have been exposed to the elements, so it is essential that we update the support system and foundation. Just as important, this construction provides us with an opportunity to make a ramp to connect the Low Battery to High Battery, which will allow more of our residents and visitors greater access to the water's edge," Mayor Joe Riley said.

The second phase focuses on securing High Battery and leveling the stones along the walk way. Phase two begins is set to start in July 2014.  The second phase is  expected to take nine months.

Phases one and two will cost $4.4 million together. Mayor Riley said the money was allocated from hospitality fees.

Phase 3 will focus on Low Battery, and it is still in the planning process.

Photo Credit: Aceshot1 Shutterstock Approved