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Monday the murder trial for Ryan Deleston began in Charleston.

Ryan Deleston was allegedly identified by three other defendants as being triggerman who shot Marley Lion 6 times in a June 2012 murder.

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The majority of the day Monday was spent selecting a jury.  The trial began late Monday and the jury heard from the first witness in the case.

Defense attorneys for Deleston have accused the Charleston Police Department of denying him the right to counsel during the initial interrogation after being read his Miranda Rights.

The Charleston detective claims when he specifically asked the suspect if he wanted an attorney Deleston denied and continued talking. Therefore, Prosecutors said Deleston waved rights by continuing to talk. The judge ruled that the interrogation video will be used in the trial.

As the trial continues Tuesday it's setting up to be a complex trial.

Prosecutors said Deleston murdered Marley Lion when the 17-year-old allegedly interrupted a robbery, Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said the perpetrators were setting up to rob employees at a bar parking lot when Lion drove in after partying "to sleep it off" in his truck.

Tuesday morning the prosecutor said the other conspirators from that night are scheduled to testify against Deleston.

At the time of the murder police release surveillance video of the shooting where the suspect allegedly fired six shots, five of them hit Lion and only one of those bullets was fatal.

But for Deleston, death isn't an option. Prosecutors aren't detailing why, but said the death penalty is not being considered in this case.

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