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Dezerea Shelton who worked as a 911 call taker at Charleston Consolidated Dispatch since September 2011 went before a magistrate judge Tuesday afternoon.

Her charges are Misconduct in Office and Obstruction of Justice. Maj. Jim Brady with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office says the investigation is extensive. The calls that brought on the charges happened between January and August of this year.

"There were several agencies predominantly unincorporated areas of Charleston County, Mount Pleasant Police Department and North Charleston Police Department."

Shelton's Obstruction of Justice charge is based on an incident in Mount Pleasant back on August 27, 2013. It involved a burglary where it's alleged that Shelton took the call but never sent responders. Investigators also say she deleted the information in an attempt to show the call never took place.

 At the request of the county the Sheriff's Office dug into the allegations that calls to the 911 dispatch center were being improperly handled. Deputies say they pinned down 45 calls that connected Shelton to the violations. Brady says she deleted or withheld information then tried to cover her tracks.

"It's not a, it occurred one time. It's not a, I just didn't get to it to send it out. It's I didn't get the information enough to fill out the complete call information or an attempt to take some of that information out so the call didn't show it.

 Now the department has to take the meticulous steps to retrace past calls and then follow up with municipalities to determine if there are similar situations.

"The agencies that were involved are looking at some of those other calls and trying to identify the people who called and address the issue that they were initially called about where no response was sent."

Charleston County officials say they hired Shelton using the standard protocol when it comes to background checks. She was released from her job with the county on September 5th.

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