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CHARLESTON, SC - After deliberating for 10 hours Wednesday, the jury has a verdict in the murder-for-hire trial.

Chris Latham was found guilty on one charge, using interstate commerce in the commission of a murder for hire. There was no verdict reached on two other charges, Conspiracy to commit murder and using a weapon during the commission of a murder-for-hire.

Wendy Moore was found guilty on four charges: using interstate commerce in the commission of the murder for hire, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation, and weapons in the commission of a murder-for-hire.

During deliberations, the jury asked for a few pieces of evidence including information from a print log.  Prosecutors say that log showed information on Nancy Latham for a hit packet.  Jurors also wanted to hear the jailhouse calls between Chris Latham and Wendy Moore.

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The jury heard more expert testimony Tuesday morning in the Chris Latham trial that included how things are stored and retrieved on cell phones and computers. The expert called by Latham's defense said Chris's computers were loaded with spyware.

Closing arguments will begin Tuesday afternoon, following that it will be up the jury.  Neither defendant Chris Latham or Wendy Moore chose to take the stand.

Just before the lunch break Tuesday Chris told the judge he did not want to testify saying, "I feel there is no need for me testify."

The prosecution claims Chris Latham is the mastermind and Wendy Moore did all the leg work. It is alleged she contacted her ex-husband Samuel Yenawine to be the hired gun. Yenawine brought along Aaron Wilkinson from KY, to "watch his back."

Yenawine committed suicide in June while being held in Georgetown County and Wilkinson made an agreement with prosecutors to testify against Moore and Latham.

The defense claims it was a set up and that the prosecution's evidence of an alleged hit aimed at Nancy Latham comes from documents involving a contentious divorce, which has cost both Chris and Nancy a combined $550-thousand just in attorney fees.

The defense also says that Nancy was involved in a long time affair starting back in 2006 and they called Chris's divorce layer Robert Rosen, who said he had a ton of evidence to prove Nancy's involvement with another man.  Rosen said if that was proven, Nancy would be barred from receiving alimony.

The prosecution used alimony payments as a motive for Chris saying it could amount to millions over time.  The defense argued that if Nancy was cheating she wouldn't get alimony and with the evidence Rosen had, Chris had little to worry about.

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