From our News Partnes at WCBD-TV:

CHARLESTON, SC - "This obviously isn't the first time, they're aware of who I am," Phillip DeClemente said as he was surrendering to police via 911 dispatch Friday night.

 He ended the night on the Ravenel, ironically it was almost two exact years since he first shutdown the bridge in 2012 during a standoff with police.

 "Enough is enough, I've already been to this bridge once before to stop it and I've been thrown in three or four different jails," he told dispatch.

 Friday night started in West Ashley where DeClemente allegedly appeared at David Leaird's home threatening for him to come out so he could "take care of him (Leaird) once and for all!"

 According to the police report, the two men have been on bad terms for years. After Leaird allegedly interfered in a serious physical altercation between DeClemente and a woman he was dating. That's when Leaird claims DeClemente began "spurts" of harassment and stalking over the years.

 In court Sunday, Leaird told the judge DeClemente knew how to "make your life miserable."

 Therefore, the judge ordered a mental evaluation of DeClemente, but that's something he's had to do before.

 In 2012, after nearly a four hour standoff with police on the bridge he was only charged with reckless driving and he was back on the streets going by Alec Rochford after a 30 day psychiatric stay at MUSC.

 Monday Former State Attorney General Charlie Condon said officials would be wise to show the public these threats aren't easily dismissed.

 "In light of the previous lack of success treating this as a disease or mental health problem, it sounds like he got a real break within the system, he got a minor charge, he wasn't locked up for that long apparently even though it inconveniences thousands of people within the tri-county area. Now, with that history one would think those in charge of the prosecution would fully prosecute this," Condon said. "The bottom line you have people trying to get to work, go to the doctor and as a society we should protect the innocent."

 DeClemente remains behind bars, he can't bond out because of the stalking charge he faces, he will appear in court again next week for that charge.

Photo Credit: Mark VanDyke Photography Shutterstock