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Kinlaw is a three star recruit known for his speed in the backfield. He says he chose Georgia Tech for many reasons. "Well first of all my education is first. Georgia Tech has a top notch engineering program and I know that the coaches want me there a lot. Coach Lamar Owens has been recruiting me the whole time and they have probably been recruiting me the most consistent since this whole thing started."

The way Caleb refers to the recruiting process, it is obvious it has been overwhelming for the fairly quiet teenager. "It can get kind of crazy sometimes, but I try to stay humble towards the whole process."

His reasons for Georgia Tech are sound. Kinlaw not only believes it is the best football choice, but also the best choice for education. As a scholar-athlete with a 3.7 GPA and an eye on an engineering degree, GT is the best fit. "Their engineering program is number three, or it is up there, as one of the top engineering programs. And as a top program, they are the only school that has a football team as good as theirs, so I felt it was a good pick."

It is the best of both worlds for Kinlaw, and the commitment is a good one for both sides as the Yellow Jackets prepare for a 2014 with a speedy back. "Coach Owens says he feels I'd be a key piece in their offense at the A-back position because in that offense they are kind of the speedster of the backfield and they are in the open field a lot. So he felt like I was good in the open field and he saw my potential there."

Georgia Tech is making moves for 2014 with a recruiting class threatening to break into the top 25 ranking. Caleb will be a big part of that but in the meantime, he can't wait for one more season with Goose Creek high school. "We want to go back to the state championship. That is our number one goal," says Caleb.

"I am just trying to take it one day at a time and put on the weight and make sure I maintain speed, and be the best I can be for my team."

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