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The mayor of Folly Beach will be decided Tuesday as poll are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

 "It'd be nice if this beach would just calm down, settle down, turn back into a beach instead of a little political sand dune," resident John Reynolds said, adding he's amused by the mudslinging being thrown around about each candidate.

 Incumbent Tim Goodwin is up against former City Administrator Toni Conner-Rooks and people are passionate about both of them, claiming lies are running rampant.

 "I'm not saying who I believe because I know who I believe," Reynolds said.

 Election signs currently line Folly streets, neighbors practically stacking the candidate's signs right in front of each other, but that's not where the aggressiveness ends. Social media sites spew hatred about each side, some even claiming Conner-Rooks isn't from Folly and is therefore lying about numerous issues.

 She tried setting the record straight with News 2. "I've been with Folly Beach, working there for 17 years. I had been living there for seven years when I got permission from council to move off of the beach... I had a sick daughter at the time," she said. "Of course, this has always been home for us."

 "I can promise I'll give it everything I had just like I did when I was working," Conner-Rooks said, mentioning the money she brought in for renourishment and how much personnel were employed.

 Mayor Goodwin has been mayor for four years and worked on council before then.

 "In the past four years Folly has changed 180 degrees from where we were, it's a much safer, cleaner, family friendly place. Renourishment is going on, take a deep breath, it's happening... As a community what do we want with the new bridges bringing new interest to our city, what do we want people to see when they get here?" He said, "Answer the question were you better off than you were four years ago? If you say yes then vote for me."

 Aside from the two candidates running for mayor there are six candidates running for city council.

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