From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

The city of North Charleston is one step closer to requiring all residents to edge their yards.

The ordinance passed the first reading by a vote of 8-2. The ordinance would require property owners to edge their yards, cleaning up the bushes, weeds and grass that grows along the sidewalks.

Councilman Bob King sponsored the possible law after neighbors complained of unkempt sidewalks.

"[Neighbors] had problems walking in the area with the sidewalks all covered up with sand, bushes and all of that stuff," King said.

The ordinance, however, did not pass without questions from some council members. Some were concerned that the ordinance would require too much work, especially for senior citizens .

"The edging is what the constituency that I have is having a problem with," Councilman Todd Olds said. "They don't have a problem cutting the grass. But it's the additional labor-intensive work that they see is that they are going to have to do at their age."

Olds said most of the residents in his area average 60-years-old. Mayor Keith Summey assured everyone in the sparsely attended meeting that those who may be physically unable to edge their yards will not be fined for failing to follow the ordinance.

"If it is a legitimate case where the person is not able to do it, that they will not be cited or fined for it and we'll take care of it for them," Mayor Summey said .

If the bill becomes law and residents are found in violation of the bill, they will have 15 days to edge their yards. If not, they will face fines close to $1000. The bill still has to pass one, final reading before it becomes law.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.