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The Easter message of resurrection took on an additional meaning for Palmetto Presbyterian Church in Mt. Pleasant.

Last year, on Good Friday, arsonists attempted to burn down the church. It was the second time in nearly a month. The doors leading into the church suffered the most damage. This Easter Sunday, however, those doors were given new life and a new role.

"I asked if I could take one of them and build a cross out of it," Derrick Russ said.

Russ has been a member of the congregation for many years. He took the doors, sanded them down, and crafted them into a single cross that now hangs in the sanctuary.

It's a tragedy of crime that has now become a symbol of life .

"They've never had the opportunity to look at anything during the service, so the idea came to me after they burned the doors and I thought it would be something good for them to look at during the service," Russ said.

There was not an empty seat in the church this Easter Sunday. While tragedy has struck the sanctuary twice, church leaders said the church and its spirit have both been reborn.

"We are seeing a resurgence of people coming and its just a wonderful experience seeing new folks come in," Reverend Mike Fitze said.

While the church has new paint, a new cross and a new hope, Rev. Fitze continues to work to expand this church into a "wall-less" ministry.

"Even though we believe this is a beautiful building, our ministry happens outside of the building," he said.

Police have not arrested or identified any suspects in the arson attempts.

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