"It's not like they don't know Rutledge and Crosstown floods," says 30-year downtown resident Shameka Hicks.

Hicks has learned to joke about the flooding that comes up the steps of her corner building. "It's lakefront at a good price."

But while the residents of the area are used to the flooding, several drivers obviously were not. Hicks says the drivers coming through the submerged corner never seem to learn, and dozens will get stuck every flood day. "We try to tell to them not to come through, but they don't pay attention and eventually this is what happens, they get stuck."

Jacob Kahn was on his way to work at MUSC when him and his jeep fell victim to the standing water. "This water here suddenly popped up coming down Sheppard. It was about a foot higher than this an hour ago when I got stalled and I had my accelerator down to the floor. Unfortunately the car shut down so I just gave up."

Kahn spent the next few hours sitting at the intersection, re-directing traffic while waiting for a tow. He admits, "I don't know the first thing about driving through floods, so I learned my lesson."

While he might have, others just can't seem to grasp the flooding concept. Hicks says, "Ya'all say turn around don't drown, but they don't so it's kind of funny."