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Some people in Dorchester county are wondering how the local option sales tax referendum went down in such a major defeat Tuesday.

Dorchester County Council Chairman Bill Hearn said, "Obviously I'm disappointed, because the citizens of Dorchester County had an opportunity."

It's an opportunity Hearn says would have helped in numerous ways. He says the new 1% sales tax would have lowered property taxes in the county.

So why did the citizens vote 2 to 1 against the tax? "Well, I think really what it came down to was the information and the misinformation that had been put out."

He says some people believed county council could come back later and keep all of the tax dollars.

Steven Wright volunteers with the Dorchester County Republican Party. "I began in politics in 5th grade. My grandmother's neighbor ran for county council."

He worked to defeat the L.O.S.T. referendum. "For the first time in my time in politics, I saw every political group come out. Tea Party, Republicans, Democrats… And every political group came out together united."

He said they all wanted to stop a tax increase.

"I always believe if we want to change government we have to change who we send." He also believes some members of council may face challengers next year during re-election because of their support of the referendum.

Hearn says with the results of Tuesday's election, that may happen. "I wouldn't have thought that, because we simply put the question out. But this became about county council."

Hearn also believes if residents could see what they will be missing without the tax, they may regret their vote against the referendum. "I honestly think that if the county saw what they just passed on, they're gonna be upset that that opportunity was lost."

Chairman Hearn says he does not expect the local option sales tax to end up back on the ballot in Dorchester County again anytime in the next few years.

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