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A Hillsborough County jury listened to heart wrenching audio recordings Wednesday of Julie Schenecker confess to Tampa police detectives exactly how and why she killed her two children.

Jurors heard her confess to detectives she shot both of her children because they were "mouthy" and "disrespectful." Hours after she shot the teens, Schenecker told detectives she wasn’t sure whether her kids "were alive or dead" but she "hoped they were dead."

She explained to detectives multiple times during the interview that she shot her two children, 16-year-old Calyx and 13-year-old Beau, both in the head. The teens were found dead at the Schenecker’s Tampa home on January 28, 2011.

(READ the full text of the interview here. WARNING - graphic content)

Schenecker confessed to detectives that Calyx was doing homework on her computer when she shot her in the back of the head. "Then I shot her in the mouth," she said, because she was tired of her talking back.

She's heard telling detectives she shot Beau twice in the head while driving to soccer practice, and shot him in the mouth as well because "they're too mouthy."

Schenecker stated, "Was going to practice and pulled out the gun, [Beau] started yelling at me, ‘get rid of that, do something with that gun’...Hated shooting him, but it's better."

She explained that her daughter had changed in the years leading up to the murders, called her names, and is "always mouthy." She complained Beau started taking after Calyx.

In the beginning of the interview, she appeared confused and unintelligible as she asked detectives, "Are my kids coming?"

Detectives say they didn't feel Schenecker needed medical attention at the time and felt she understood her Miranda rights.

Schenecker told them she wanted to kill herself. She told detectives she spent seven weeks in bed prior to the killings. At the time of the crime, she said she had "three or four" glasses of alcohol that night and took "ten or 12 medications."

Julie Schenecker was seen crying in the courtroom Wednesday while most of the audio played.

Detectives asked Julie Schenecker about when she purchased the gun. She said she purchased it on Saturday and planned for a "Saturday massacre" then but needed to wait three days because of a background check.

"Basically you had it all planned out right?" detectives asked. "Oh yeah, but I didn't go with the plan."

"What do you think should happen to you?" they asked. "First I want to get out of here... I don't want to go to prison or jail," she said.

Julie Schenecker's interview was with Tampa Police Department detectives after she was taken into custody the morning of January 28, 2011.

Lead TPD Detective in the case, Gary Sandel, took the witness stand Wednesday. Sandel said after the interview she was officially charged with murder.
Watch live coverage of the trial here.

Hillsborough County Judge Emmett Battles ordered a delay for the Julie Schenecker case Wednesday morning, after the Tampa mother on trial for killing her two kids had a "medical issue."

According to Schenecker's defense attorney, she was experiencing a numbness in her legs. Her attorney says she is feeling better and wants to proceed; however Judge Battles ordered a delay to have a HCSO doctor examine her.

The court resumed with testimony from a FDLE crime analyst who stated DNA from Beau and Calyx in the form of blood was found on Julie Schenecker’s robe, gun, bullets and hand.

Also testifying was the Tampa Police Department officer who transported Julie Schenecker to the station. He said Schenecker asked him for his gun "so she could finish the job."

The popular video of Schenecker seen shaking after her arrest was played a couple times in court Wednesday. Detective Sandel pointed out that was approximately 18 hours after Schenecker committed the crime.

The State rests their case at the end of day Wednesday. The court denied the defense's motion for acquittal.

Court resumes at 8:30 a.m. Friday when the defense is expected to start their case with mental health experts.

Schenecker, 53, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder by reason of insanity. She is accused of killing her two children, 16-year-old daughter Calyx and 13-year-old son Beau.

Court ended Tuesday with Julie Schenecker's ex-husband, Parker Schenecker on the witness stand. Read more about Parker Schenecker's testimony here.

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