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BERKELEY COUNTY, SC -    A Berkeley County corrections officer is back to work after being punched in the face by an inmate.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office says this incident happened on March 28th.

Another corrections officer was injured in the incident, involving inmate Benjamin Dubois.

According to the police report, the detention officer was moving Dubois to another cell, because they say he kept covering the camera in his cell as well as kicking the door

According to the police report, Dubois had a medical shoulder brace on, so he was handcuffed in the front.

They say upon arrival to his new cell, he became verbal with Officer Kathryn Carrieri.

They say when she attempted to guide him into the cell, that’s when he lurched at her and struck her right eye.

He also kicked another officer's hand during the incident.

Officers say they finally restrained him on the floor.

The officers involved were treated for injuries and released

 The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office says Dubois was being held in jail on a murder charge.

Officers say he now has an additional charge of 2nd degree assault and battery because of the incident.

Calls to Dubois’s attorney were not returned.

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