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At one time, it was the king of video rentals, but new technology has basically made Blockbuster Video stores obsolete. On Wednesday, the company announced the closing of 300 stores nationwide. The three stores in the lowcountry will soon be closing.

Victoria Morrell is the store manager at the Goose Creek Blockbuster. "They've been tearful and emotional. They worry about the people that do work here, and what they're gonna do afterwards."

She is describing the reaction of many longtime customers that Blockbuster is closing hundreds of stores, including those in Goose Creek, Summerville and Moncks corner. 2800 people will lose their jobs, including six at the Goose Creek store.

Sheila Peeples is a long-time customer. "Well, it's heartbreaking, because I look forward to coming in and renting movies every day. You know, they know you by name when you come in. It's a personal thing too."

Morrell started at the store in 1990, just a few months after it opened. "It's been my livelihood. My children grew up in Blockbuster. When I moved here, my daughter was 6 months old. And my son was two. They're in their 20's now, but they grew up here. They would walk here from school, and they would go home from here."

But she understands why they are closing. "We knew it was gonna happen. Just when, because of technology. It's just technology. It's not anything that any of the stores did, it's just technology. It took over."

However, she says the one thing technology may not do as well is where they shined, caring for their customers. "We're like a family. I think that's what I'm gonna miss the most. Because we are family."

Saturday is the last day for rentals. The store will be closed Sunday-Thursday of next week and will open next Friday to begin to liquidate the store. The store is expected to close for good around the middle of January.

50 stores across the country that have franchise agreements in place will remain open.

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