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A local business is doing their part to help the troops serving overseas. The Charleston Tea Plantation has been sending free boxes of tea overseas for several years.

Bigelow Tea Plantation in Connecticut partners with the Charleston Tea Plantation. They have been sending free tea to the troops overseas since 2009.

So far, more than 4 million tea bags have been sent to the troops with the program.

You can even stop by the Charleston tea Plantation and write a note to the troops. The note will be attached to a box of tea. William Hall with Charleston Tea Plantation says, "we have, inside, in the gift shop, a little table set up for Tea For Troops. You can write a little message. If your family member is in there, we'll make sure it gets to them, or just to the troops in general."

It is free to visit the Charleston Tea Plantation. Members of the military in uniform can take the trolley ride for half price.

Image courtesy of WBCD-TV.