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The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in their favor more than a month ago, then last week the Supreme Court of South Carolina ordered her adoption to be finalized. Meanwhile, her biological father and the Cherokee Nation made numerous litigation attempts to keep her in his custody.

Wednesday in Charleston family court, the little girl's adoption was finalized. She is expected to return to Charleston.

The press was forced out of the courtroom but after the hearing the adoptive couple's attorney gave a brief statement repeating the judges orders that Matt and Melanie Capobianco will be the baby's parents and with a court approved transition she will have both of them and her biological family in her life.

"We're now to the point though, we can say there are no winners. There are no winners when an almost 4-year-old child has been in this kind of legal limbo," James Thompson, attorney for the Capobiancos said.

After court the representatives for Dusten Brown did not comment but his attorney shared his sentiments before the hearing.

"To Matt and Melanie Capobianco I want to say this, please for Veronica's sake just stop. Stop and ask yourself if you really believe this is best for her," Shannon Jones said.

Then in a written release, Assistant Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation Chrissi Nimmo said, "This decision was made without a hearing to determine what is in Veronica's current best interests and comes almost two years after the same Family Court found that Dusten Brown was a fit, loving parent and it would be in Veronica's best interests to be placed with her father. Every parent in America should be terrified."

When asked what's going to happen with pending lawsuits and what's the time frame which Veronica would be transitioned to Charleston all attorneys refused to comment, stating the court ordered the transition plan to be kept a secret.