From the Associated Press:

South Carolina police say at least three people were hurt during a shooting outside a North Charleston bar on Dorchester Road.

Police say the shooting happened early Sunday when an angry patron of Willie's Bar and Grill opened fire and a security guard shot back.

Police say there was a disturbance in the bar's bathroom and employees began ordering people out of the night spot. Police said the suspect went to his car, walked back toward the bar and opened fire.

One of the bars co-owners, Alfonso Nesbitt, said after Sunday's incident he plans to increase security. According to Nesbitt, it is the first shooting at the bar since it opened five years ago.

Authorities say two people were hit by gunfire and a third person had some scrapes that may have come from being hit too. None of the injuries sustained were life-threatening.

Photo Credit: Kozorez-Vladislev Shutterstock