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The White House kicked-off a campaign with a report aimed at stopping sexual assaults on college campuses. The report called "Not Alone" is an effort to change long-standing policies inside colleges and universities.

Advocates say this type of federal initiative has been a long time coming. Marquee parts of the plan want colleges to change policy to allow outside investigators who are not required to report to the school and to place limitations on who can ask questions about victims' prior sexual history.

Statistics from the "Not Alone" effort show that one in five female college students have been sexually assaulted, but just 12% of cases are reported.

Critics say it may be because of the arduous and sometimes demeaning process as universities try to adhere to Title IX requirements during an investigation.

The plan from the White House wants to help those victims with a reliable and safe place to report the crimes. Charleston attorney David Aylor, who has represented those on both sides of campus sexual assaults, says it's not always easy because the process is failing students.

"On the victim's side, oftentimes you hear about cases in situations where it's alleged mishandling is done on the campus, injured the case and ultimately let someone walk away scot-free from a situation. It's a flawed process in a lot of these situations," says Aylor.

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